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What I think I appreciate the most about how Shauna works is that she doesn't just address physiological symptoms. She worked with me on my mindset, and that made a HUGE difference. I am no longer trapped in a state of unwellness on the inside. The fear around being unwell is gone. If I need to do something or go somewhere, my first thought is no longer, "I hope I will be able to... what if it's one of the difficult days, etc". That fear that held me trapped is gone.

Addie O. - U.K.

Functional Med. Client

Shauna is kind, caring, and patient, explains the mechanism of everything very well. Most importantly, she’s effective. Within 3 months, my mom went from nonstop acid reflux and no appetite, to enjoying food without any discomfort; from having to use a cane to walk from bedroom to living room, to walking outside to exercise for 3 hours every day; from constant insomnia, to sleeping well for at least 6 hours a day; from difficult bathroom time, to 2-3 times regularly every day.


Her test results showed amazing improvements all around as well. I rarely hear her complaining about any discomfort anymore, even the debilitating arthritis on her knees she had since her 40s seems to have subsided largely now. I mean, wow! I am beyond thrilled. I haven’t seen her looking happier and healthier for years. Thank you, Shauna!

Leah S. - FLA, U.S

Functional Med. Client

Working with Shauna has changed my life completely. I tried every fad/crash diet, quit drinking alcohol and I even upped my step count and nothing seemed to change how tired and unwell I felt.


Our health is super important, and working with Shauna we were able to understand exactly what the problems were and how to treat them. In a matter of months I changed my diet, took the correct supplements and eradicated a bacteria that was wreaking havoc with my gut. We worked on stabilizing my super under-active thyroid, and I literally got my life back. I even walked 950kms across Spain, I felt that good!


Today, I am as healthy as I have ever been. I wake up with energy, eat well, exercise and sleep soundly. If you want to turn your life around and feel good, what are you waiting for? Shauna will help you do it! 

Lesle G - Calgary, AB

Functional Med. Client

A friend of mine referred me to Shauna.  I was overweight, lethargic, and feeling unable to cope well with my stress-filled job.  The central problem was my thyroid.  Using a combination of functional nutrition, supplements, and diet improvement, I feel a lot better, feel sharper mentally, calmer and I lost 25 pounds. Also, she made me aware of the negative effects alcohol had on my personal health and in my career.  I’m much better now without alcohol in my life. Thanks Shauna!!

John F. - Calgary, AB

Functional Med. Client

I am writing to express my wholehearted gratitude and recommendation for the services I've experienced with Shauna. My mystical Journey has been transformative and enlightening, and I am compelled to share my experience.


The experiences I had on my journey have been invaluable for the following reasons: exceptional content, profound guidelines, professionalism and support, and life-changing insights.


I wholeheartedly recommend Shauna to anyone on a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, or seeking mystical experiences. I am immensely grateful for the positive impact she has made on my life.

M.A. - Calgary, AB

Sacred Med. Client

It had been a while since I’ve had a journey in the presence of space holders. Most of my journeys have been solo. Even though I do get insights, some healing, etc., having qualified guides like Shauna and Leslie with me made a huge difference. As emotions and trauma through the memories came up, they were able to guide me and move these energies out of my body (something that I can’t do myself).


They knew intuitively what to do to help. They “checked my chakras” to see which were blocked, and by the end of the journey, all were cleared. I felt so light that I thought I’d lost weight! I now feel the flow of energy through all my chakras and can move forward in life. 


Most importantly, I felt safe to express all of my emotions: safe to cry, to laugh, to scream, to move, to be silly and do whatever I needed during the journey. Being able to surrender to the medicine, knowing I was safe and there was no judgmen, was crucial. 


My experience was profound and I have deep gratitude for Shauna and Leslie

S.N.T. - Calgary, AB

Sacred Med. Client

As an entrepreneur and single mother, I have spent a lot of my life pushing for success, and what I thought was happiness. 


Working with Shauna has enabled me to open my heart and reframe aspects of my history that have coloured my behaviours. Shauna‘s guidance has created the space required to step into my wholeness and self-love. Her empathy, compassion, and skill enabled me to unlock the doors to my history and past pain. She created and held space for me to see the positivity that is possible for me in the future.


Working at integrating my emotions and beliefs into my everyday life after the experience has caused an improved sense of esteem, self-worth and confidence.


Shauna's insight and seamless skill at guiding me towards my healing and purpose was a gift. Sometimes one would think they can’t afford to invest the time or money in this type of journeying and self-work. The truth is you really can’t afford not to. I fully recommend taking the risk and opening your heart to self- discovery work with Shauna,  you are worth it! 

T.G. - Calgary, AB

Sacred Med. Client

I have lost approximately 30 lbs, and I have started to sleep again at night. Shauna had me do some testing that showed one reason for me not being able to sleep properly was a high cortisol level at night. Once my cortisol level lowered at night, my irritability and anxiety has decreased and it's been a huge improvement.


Shauna uses testing for her protocols and doesn't guess, but her work is more all-encompassing, as she taught me that our health is also related to our thoughts; how our thoughts affect our circumstances, along with nutrition, supplements as needed, sleep, stress reduction and exercise.


Change doesn't happen instantly, especially if you've been ill for many years, but she has led me in the right direction, and I am not going to go back to the 'old me.'

Lorraine R. - Edmonton

Functional Med. Client

I am a mature woman who has always lived within the strict rules of society and have tried to do things the "right" way. However, I could never find how to heal deep-rooted traumas and fix the hurts in my life. I could not see the bigger picture in what my purpose was here and now. Traditional healing practices can only do so much. Counselling could only bring out what I was willing to share. 


My medicine journey not only gave me the answers I was seeking but expanded my view on the "why" I am here. Shauna prepared me well before and told me some of the things I could expect. She, along with her partner Leslie, held a sacred and safe space while I was on my journey, and I felt their support every step of the way.  Their presence and knowledge brought me comfort as I was able to process both ancestral and personal traumas.


Shauna seems to possess some healing energy in her hands, which was calming to me when I felt pain or had "stuck" areas in my body. She seemed to be able to assist in allowing them to pass out of me by gently sweeping or laying her hands directly on me. 

This journey opened my mind to living fuller each and every day by taking the weight of guilt from my shoulders. It helped me see my purpose and where my place is in the Universe.  Without the help of psychedelic medicine, none of this would have been possible. One journey felt equal to years in therapy. I feel at peace and am ready to live a fuller life going forward. 

W. R. - Calgary, AB 

Sacred Med. Client

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