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Human Potential Coaching

Is there a part of you that senses that you're not quite living at a level and experiencing a way of life that reflects your full potential?  This may show up as reactivity, disappointment, ongoing stress, tension, frustration, relationship problems, low energy problems.

I welcome you to a systematic approach that will enable you to work skillfully with not only your biology, but your psychology and your relationships and life in a way that can liberate the best version of you.

This is an invitation for you to be open to the possibility that by living life in a different way, by systematically taking charge of your biology, your psychology, your relationships, and your relationship to life, by learning how to work more skillfully with your mind state, with your energy, with your habits, in a very short period of time you can start to experience a deeper sense of well-being.
It has been my experience that human beings share one common issue, and that is the feeling of being separate from life. We feel disconnected. We don't know who we are, and we don't know where we're going. We often are just scrambling around, trying to figure out what we're supposed to do with life, constantly seeking to fill an inner void that can have us feeling stressed, and that stress can show up as disease and illness, addictive behaviours, energy issues and relationship issues.

As a Human Potential coach, I will guide you through a process that will enable you to let go of the blockages and the resistance that are preventing you from aligning with your best self. This best or higher self is also known as aware presence.
It all starts with doing the inner work. This kind of coaching isn't something you can just listen to and hope that it's going to miraculously effect some change in your life. It's actually something that needs to be lived and experienced and reflected upon.
Because you see, "what you seek is who you are, and who you are is beyond all imagination."  Dr. Mark Atkinson
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