What is Functional Nutrition?

Functional nutrition uses cutting-edge diagnostic testing and assessment to help you identify the root cause of symptoms so you can get well and stay well, naturally!

Functional nutrition not only aids in identifying the root cause of symptoms or imbalance through assessment and diagnostic testing, but also utilizes the cutting-edge science of epigenetics. A segment of epigenetics, clinical nutrigenomics, is currently providing evidence as to the influence diet and lifestyle can have on genetic expression (turning genes on or off). What does this mean?  It means you have control over your genetic predispostions, and your general health, overall.

 Functional Nutrition Packages


Nutrition & Lifestyle Assessment


Are you generally healthy but have a few issues?

Optimize your health by getting to the root of the problem!

Comprehensive 90-minute assessment

Assess nutrition and lifestyle choices that may be affecting your health.

* Functional blood work is included, but specialized lab testing is extra and payable directly to the lab.


Optimize Your Biology


Are you experiencing fatigue, insomnia, irritability, allergies, digestive upset, weight gain, pms, low libido?

Package includes 4 appointments:

  • Initial assessment (90 minutes)
  • Functional lab testing
  • Results visit
  • Comprehensive, individualized functional nutrition plan
  • Follow-up
  • Email & online coaching support.

* Functional blood work interpretation included, but specialized lab testing is extra and payable directly to lab.


Optimal Aging (Best Value)


Slow down the aging process. Optimize your biology plus Optimize Your DNA! A package with extra support for those with chronic health issues or those looking simply looking to age optimally! 

Package includes 8 appointments:

  • Level II Optimize Your Biology
  • Optimize Your DNA
  • Plus 4 extra coaching sessions

* Functional blood work is included, but specialized lab testing is extra and payable directly to the lab.

Optimize Your DNA


Clinical nutrigenomics is the science of how different foods interact with specific genes to increase the risk of common chronic diseases.

Genetic testing

  • Identify genetic polymorphisms (genetic variants), including MTHFR (methylation)
  • Discover how diet, lifestyle and environmental changes can affect these variants

Methylation is a complex and important enzymatic process. Fifty percent of the population may have a genetic mutation or variation in this function. Methylation problems have been implicated in many chronic diseases, including cancers; cognitive, respiratory, cardiovascular, reproductive, and autoimmune dysfunction; and neurobehavioral illnesses such as autism spectrum disorder, ADD and ADHD.

All genetic testing is run through 23andMe, a personalized service providing information and tools to learn about and explore your DNA.

* 23andMe genetic test kit fees are separate and payable directly to the lab.

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